Birmingham real estate is honors the past and looks forward to the future. At Vulcan Park and Museum local history is uniquely preserved with the towering sculpture of Vulcan. The Roman god of fire and forge, Vulcan stands proudly watching over the community of Birmingham homes and businesses. Located on Red Mountain, and as the largest cast iron statue in the world this amazing piece of art has been a symbol of strength since the 1900’s. The Vulcan Park and Museum offers a detailed history of Birmingham’s roots with an interesting timeline detailing the local industrial history. Rotating shows are found in the Linn-Henley Gallery.

View Birmingham Homes From Red Mountain 

On top of Red Mountain, Vulcan’s observation tower provides a bird's eye view of Birmington real estate. Locals love to identify familiar landscape markers. Guests new to the area can pick out sites mapped out on display. An elevator is available in lieu of the climb. Picnic tables are set throughout the grounds at this favored lunchtime spot. The museum gift shop also offers a variety of snacks and drinks.

Special events are often planned on the grounds and include concerts, festivals, workshops and more. Couples often choose the unique location of Vulcan Park to officially start their lives together. Inside banquet rooms are stylish and sophisticated. Outdoor spaces highlight the the beauty of nature making this the perfect place to hold weddings. More information on scheduling any event can be obtained by calling 205.933.1409.