Science swirls all around those living in Birmingham at the McWane Science Center. Open seven days a week, The Center provides plenty of opportunity for explorative play. 

On the lower level the World of Water Aquariums showcases an aquatic wonderland. The shark and ray tank offers close up interactions. Magical bubbles fill the first level with mystical and imaginative fun. Around the corner in Science Quest observations are key. Favorite zones include the Anti-Gravity Mirror, Chaotic Pendulum and Bed of Nails. Fossils from dinosaurs once roaming Alabama land are found on the second level. Representative species include raptors and the Appalachiosaurus. Shows get underway on the second level as well featuring live animals and the science of birds and insects.

Youngsters Learn About Their World Near Birmingham Homes

The newest part of the museum caters to the littlest visitors living in Birmingham. Exhibits in the Itty Bitty Magic City are designed to stimulate the minds of kindergarten aged children and younger. On Main Street, playtime is ongoing in the fire station, farm, market and more. Kids can wiggle around on the Climbing Structure and splash around in the Water Play area.

Many science enthusiasts from Birmington homes take advantage of annual memberships. Perks include unlimited admission, discounts, parking, and member events. Volunteer programs for teens and adults also make it easy to become involved.